What happens if my flight is delayed? ( for Airport locations in New Zealand)


When booking your reservation online or with an agent, include your airline and flight information. Providing us with your flight information allows us to serve you better because we can check with the airline to see if your flight has been delayed. If you have not provided us with flight information, and have not contacted us, we may not be not be able to honour your booking for more than two hours.

If you experience a flight delay, and have provided your flight details with your booking, the Enterprise airport location will honor the rental for the entire business day. There is no need to update the reservation unless the flight is going to be delayed until the next morning.

If you are going to arrive after closing, rental charges will begin at date and time of pick up, and as long as you have provided us with your flight information, the location will remain open for up to 1 hour. 


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